Quiz: Painting

Time for the first quiz of the year! First, the prize this time is bigger and better than usual – it’s a full calender of 2015 made by Michi! Second, the quiz is a bit harder than usual: it has two parts. We present you the very typical installation that you can find in every town in South America (in the picture). This one is called ¨Tradicion and Culture¨. So the first part of the quiz is: what is the unusual thing seen in this picture? And the second part of the quiz is: please create a story which involves all the things seen in the picture. Get creative! Please submit your story in comments and share it with your friends! You can submit the story in english, german, lithuanian or basic spanish (so we can understand it).



One is crippled and can’t walk, other one is suffering from high altitude sickness and another one is limping because of inflammation – dream team, no less! And yet, we made it back up to the Andes and reached Quito! 3000 vertical meters and 5 days later here we are, ready to cross the ecuator..