Live from the Road: Tulku got a treat

Live from the road: Tulku got a treat! We were passing through Perry city when a nice lady offered Tulku a doggy treat. Tulku accepted it without a second thought, but soon she faced the reality: she can’t eat it in the bike basket! So for the next 3 kilometers she sat in her seat with her snack in her mouth. Cuteness overload!


Week 158: Last Day of Summer

Week 158. Last day of summer. Oh, hi there! Yes, we’re still alive and yes, we’re still crippling towards Alaska and Sven’s facial expression sums up the mood of our team perfectly. Yesterday was the last day of summer here in Utah. It was blazing hot, as usual. Today the weather changed. Now it’s cold and raining and the snow is expected tomorrow…

Week 152. Heat again

Our week started with rain and thunderstorms in the morning – very unusual. They were quite short but would have caused a huge effort in time to dry all our gear. It was very tempting to just stay in the tent. The rain left and was replaced by brutal heat in the last days which made it very tempting to stay in the shade in the tent. So we paused Boundless Biking for a week and were just Kira, Sven and Tulku for some time.