From time to time we make a brake from biking and check our map and have these wonderful dialogs afterwards. They are more or less the same and change with the scenery.

In mountains of Bolivia:
K: where do we go now?
S: up
K: for how long?
S: 23km and then 5km down
K: and then?
S: up again, for next 17km

In altiplano in Bolivia:
K: where do we go now?
S: 65km flat and straight!
S (5km later): why are you crying?
K: it’s boring
S: but it’s flat and straight! And FLAT!
K: and boring ;(

At peruvian coast:
S: how long do we go up for?
K: 3km
S: and then?
K: down, for 4km
S: and then?
K: up again.
S: (sighs)


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