Day 352

Day 352, 7866km, Chiclayo. Today we arrived dirty and tired to a hotel, Kira let the water run for shower and then this conversation happened:
S: Hey, the water sounds warm!
K: Hm??? What?!?
S: Yes, in Peru I can HEAR the temperature!
The background story for this: not all houses in Peru have running water, or showers, or hot running water, same applies for hotels as well. So even the hotel would write ‘we have hot water’ that might not be the case. Every time we sleep at another hotel, first thing we do is to check the water temperature. It usually varies from ice cold to just cold and rarely gets warm and even rarer hot. But there are many tricks how to reach the ‘as warm as it gets’ temperature, and those tricks include lots of hearing and waiting for some special sounds. So, after 4 months in Peru we have a new skill – hearing the water temperature.


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