Quiz Winner Ausra Dambrauskaite

Congratulations to our Quiz winner Ausra Dambrauskaite! The right answer is A – Tulku’s main responsibility is happiness of the team. No matter how many things just went wrong, Tulku is always the first to make us laugh. It is also true that Tulku does more than that. She is a good guard, but she has a mayor flaw: she likes people. So once you come and say hi to her, she forgets her guarding duties and starts playing. She is also quite good with cleaning, but cleans only food related items and usually makes more mess than we do…
Our host Camilo has drawn a winner Ausra Dambrauskaite. You will receive a postcard from Medellin, Colombia. We will contact you for your address (check the ‘other’ folder in your messages). The first batch of postcards will be sent to our contributors from Medellin too!


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