“Why do you do it anyway? Why have you left your happy life, packed a bag and started cycling to Alaska?”. We get asked this a lot. We also ask this ourselves a lot, especially when pushing the bike uphill for days. So, why do we? One day Kira was looking for other means of traveling online and found a family of four (mom, dad and 10-year-old twins) who cycled the Panamerican Highway all the way from north to south. Kira was so inspired that she bought a bicycle and started touring in the same summer. Previously she haven’t even touched a bike for more than 10 years! Nevertheless, 2 years later she started her own Panamerican journey. What about Sven? He was searching for more adventures and for some time out of his routine. Lately, on the uphill parts, he mainly thinks about going down as fast as he can though…


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