Bull Fight

We visited toreo! It is a controversial topic and yes, there is a part of animal cruelty involved, but this post is not about that. At the end of one day last week we reached small town Irrá, with not more than 2000 inhabitants. The main street was very crowded, full with vendors and loud music. We stoped at a fire station and found out there is a bullfighting today. It happens here every 4 years. None of us is a big fan of that, but we decided to give it a go. Well, we learned that toreo is all about the emotions. We entered the crowd on the platforms: men, women, children, babies, gradmas and grandpas – they all were here, watching. In the ring there were 5 young men. No fancy clothes, only jeans and t-shits. No red capes, only whatever they found available, like blankets or a towel. The bored bull was standing in the middle, not really interested in his surroundings. The men were waving their blankets and ponchos to him. Once the bull became interested, they all ran to hide. Sometimes they even succeded in capturing him. But it was not about winning, capturing, or the bull. The crowd, though small, was very emotional. They cheered the “matadors” and laughed at them, when they ran hiding. The crowd watched how the men in the ring gathered their courage and danced for the bull. There was a lot of laughter. The village will now have enough things to talk about for the next 4 years. And we had a unique experience.


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