Top Places in Argentina

We want to introduce a new category of postings. Proudly we present our favourite lists. We start with Sven’s top 5 favourite places in Argentina!

5. Ushuaia
4. Bariloche
3. Perito Moreno Glacier
2. Quebrada de Humahuaca
1. Salta region

Meanwhile Kiras list looks like this:

5. Quebrada de las Canchas
4. El Calafate with perito moreno
3. Ushuaia
2. Quebrada de jachal
1. Purmamarca


End of Argentina

Day 168, 4409km – La Quiaca. The day when we reached the end of Argentina came! We spent 4 months in this beautiful country with many deserts and mountains and there were many many days, when we looked at the road with no end and thought this country just won’t end at all… From Ushuaia with the penguins through Patagonia with the winds and Mendoza with the deserts and Salta with the forests to La Quiaca at the height of 3500m – a tiny part of our big trip is done!

Day 138

Day 138, 4007km, Salta! Last year, just before the new year’s eve, we went to the supermarket in San Juan and joked that the next one will come in Salta. So little we knew that it wasn’t a joke. Many mountains and deserts later we’ve finally reached Salta today!

Day 129

Day 129, 3508km, Belen. Today we visited archeological site Shincal, where was an ancient Inca town. We’ve seen lamas there as well. Tulku found Incan corn grinder made from the big stone, she found some water there and wanted to drink it, but fell into the water hole instead