Video: Boundless Biking goes Mountain

Finally! It took us 9 days to film this video and then another 6 months or so to edit it, and it’s finally done! Watch it to find out where we ate best quesadillas in whole Mexico and were we bitten by bed bugs or not. The video shows us climbing from Tehuantepec to Mitla in Mexico. We tried several perspectives within the video. Also included: some of our daily tasks and errands we run. Enjoy our new video from old days!

Video: Mesa Verde NP

Reached Colorado, went to Mesa Verde NP! Follow us on Balcony House tour. The dwelling is situated in a cliff and the tour includes climbing 10m ladder and crawling through 45cm wide and 4m long tunnel! We never heard about Mesa Verde NP before, but we were blown away by what we found there.

Week 103: Burned Out

Week 103. Burned out. We spent two days and two nights laying under a mango tree. No tent, no shower, no toilet. Just laying under a mango tree. During daytime we watched clouds passing by; at night we watched shooting stars (we counted 8 before falling asleep). And then it started to rain, so we moved under a roof. And kept laying, completely burned out. We still are laying. Half of the people tell us ‘Oh, you overcame even worse things, sure you’ll be fine!’, the other half tell us ‘You’re living a dream, it can’t be bad!’. And here we are, still laying. On the bright side, we will walk past that mango tree tonight on our way to watch astronauts in the Soyuz capsel on their way to ISS, so I guess the world is still spinning.