Concepcion! After the rainy days ended we left Villarrica. Blue skies and tailwinds helped us through the days after. We took the chilenean motorway to Temuco and followed the smaller ways via Traiquen and Angol to Concepcion. We are now in the 8th chilenian region: Bio Bio.

Now we are off to take some pictures of Concepcion and the River Biobio!


Our Artist

Do you like our logo? We love it so much that we want to tell you about the girl that did it for us. She is a local artist from Berlin right on her way into business – @Michi Ricks

She as an artist by heart and we want to support her in her recent project. She wants to take part in a winter dog sledge adventure in Scandinavia. Therefore she needs your vote. Please take some time and have a look at her video application and if you like it please feel free to support her.…

Thank you very much


Since Kira likes to update you with recent pictures of our trip I’ll provide you some text. It is now day 48 since our journey started in ushuaia. So far we cicled 1127 km within Argentina and Chile right now we are in Valdivia pretty close to the pacific ocean in the XIV. Chilean region: region de los Rios. We changed our intendet plan of riding along ruta 40 for a less windy ruta 5 adventure that will take us up to Santiago and then we head for Mendoza. After patagonian dessert we enjoyed the greeeeeeeen country beyond the Andes. And guess what: there is a German brewery here