Sven selecting postcards for our first contributors and quiz winner. Sending postcards from Colombia is a challenge: there is no postal system here! No postboxes, no postmen, no post offices – nada. No postcards either, unless you look very hard for them. There are few private companies for sending correspondence. One group of them is very unreliable, another group of them charges 60€ (not a typo) to send one postcard. Well, we took a risky way and hope for the best. In our experience it takes up to 3 months for a postcard to arrive.

Bull Fight

We visited toreo! It is a controversial topic and yes, there is a part of animal cruelty involved, but this post is not about that. At the end of one day last week we reached small town Irrá, with not more than 2000 inhabitants. The main street was very crowded, full with vendors and loud music. We stoped at a fire station and found out there is a bullfighting today. It happens here every 4 years. None of us is a big fan of that, but we decided to give it a go. Well, we learned that toreo is all about the emotions. We entered the crowd on the platforms: men, women, children, babies, gradmas and grandpas – they all were here, watching. In the ring there were 5 young men. No fancy clothes, only jeans and t-shits. No red capes, only whatever they found available, like blankets or a towel. The bored bull was standing in the middle, not really interested in his surroundings. The men were waving their blankets and ponchos to him. Once the bull became interested, they all ran to hide. Sometimes they even succeded in capturing him. But it was not about winning, capturing, or the bull. The crowd, though small, was very emotional. They cheered the “matadors” and laughed at them, when they ran hiding. The crowd watched how the men in the ring gathered their courage and danced for the bull. There was a lot of laughter. The village will now have enough things to talk about for the next 4 years. And we had a unique experience.

Quiz: Number on the Shirt

Quiz Friday! This is Sven in his new football uniform. Sven is a big football fan (and a football coach for kids!). He got the new uniform from a local team as a gift. Question: what number is on the back of the shirt? Write your guesses in the comments!
The team is called Deportes Quindio and plays in 2nd division. Our host told us that the team is very good and forbade to google it. So we obeyed.
The winner will get a personal kilometer as well as a place in our Hall of Fame ( The quiz ends on Monday (00:00 GMT). The winner will be announced on Tuesday. The winner will be drawn at random from all the correct entries.

Week 91

Week 91! Tulku in rehabilitation. Her last surgery was 2 months ago. Now she is in recovery period. That means her daily walking workload is increased weekly. After every 5 kilometers we push (or cycle) Tulku walks for next 500 meters before coming back to her basket. This week she can walk 1,5km in total! It is a good week for that, as we push and walk a lot – the road has many steep parts.

Morning after Stargazing

The morining after the stargazing. Tatacoa desert is a unique place for star watching: it has no light pollution and is not far from equator. You can see both Southern and Northern Celestial Hemispheres. That means you can see Southern Cross and Big Dipper at the same time! Sleeping in the hammock might look very romantic, but we are still scratching the mosquito bites…

Tatacoa Dessert and Rain

We visited Tatacoa desert! It is called a desert in the middle of the jungle. No monkeys or lianas to see, but plenty of cactus and sandy Mars-looking landscape. It’s a very dry place with only two rainy days per year: one in April and one in September. Well, you have to be us for this: we were jumping over the rain puddles on our last day in this desert! It was raining all night long and in the morning as well. We asked local people about it and they said: “Oh, it’s a phenomenon, it never rains here!”.

Quiz: Public Transportation

Quiz Friday! This is Kira sitting in a colombian public transportation. It is made of a pick-up truck and has 4 different seating cabins with different prices. Question: how many passengers usually sit in this cabin? Write your guess in the comments!
Some hints for you:
1st class (in the car) carries 6 passengers and one driver;
2nd class (in the pick-up) carries ? passengers;
3rd class (standing at the end of the truck) carries up to 8 passengers;
4th class (on the roof) carries an infinite number of passengers.
The winner will get his personal kilometer as well as a place in our Hall of Fame ( The quiz ends on Monday (00:00 GMT). The winner will be announced on Tuesday. The winner will be drawn at random from all the correct entries.