Week 158: Last Day of Summer

Week 158. Last day of summer. Oh, hi there! Yes, we’re still alive and yes, we’re still crippling towards Alaska and Sven’s facial expression sums up the mood of our team perfectly. Yesterday was the last day of summer here in Utah. It was blazing hot, as usual. Today the weather changed. Now it’s cold and raining and the snow is expected tomorrow…


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Week 152. Heat again

Our week started with rain and thunderstorms in the morning – very unusual. They were quite short but would have caused a huge effort in time to dry all our gear. It was very tempting to just stay in the tent. The rain left and was replaced by brutal heat in the last days which made it very tempting to stay in the shade in the tent. So we paused Boundless Biking for a week and were just Kira, Sven and Tulku for some time.

Week 150. Hiding in Colorado

Good news: we have cycled half of the mainland USA! To celebrate this achievement we visited Mesa Verde National Park. We never heard about it before, but it left us speechless. We spent the rest of the week hiding behind blackout curtains and doing nothing at all. Touring full time is a hard job, we work form 5:00 to 23:00 in order to keep everything running smoothly. Cycling is the easiest part, the supporting tasks are the ones that eat up most of our time and energy. There are no weekends, no holidays and often we work overtimes additionally to our 18-hour-workday. The hard work sure pays back in unique, unexpected and quirky ways and couple of days off is a rare, but sometimes needed indulgence. Also, we brought Tulku for her annual vaccination and check up. She got her knees inspected for the first time since her operation in Colombia and turns out that her knees are healthy and patellas are not luxating anymore. Yay!

Week 149. End of New Mexico!

This week started with a climb over the continental divide. We went back to the Pacific side and we’ll stay here until the finish. We were cycling through deserterous areas with spectacular canyons and rock formations all week long. Everyday we found something that left us in awe. Additionally, we did some exploring and visited ancient ruins and Shiprock. Shiprock is holy to Navajo Indians and it’s huge – you can see it from 50 kilometers away and sometimes from even further!

Week 148. Cycling in New Mexico

Our week started in Albuquerque where we went through two-day ordeal of fixing our bikes (thanks, Dave!). Our bikes have lots of wear and tear after 3 years on the road, but still are holding great (thanks, MAXX!). After we left Albuquerque and Chihuahuan desert behind us, we started cycling Colorado Plateau. We found ourselves surrounded by such beautiful landscapes, that words fail to describe them. It’s still pretty deserterous, but yellow and orange rock formations are gorgeous! Best part: people say that even more beauty is in front of us!

Week 147. 1000 days on the road and counting!

Oh, what a week! We crossed many of our personal boundaries, both mental and physical, in order to arrive to Albuquerque on Independence day in USA. 4th of July coincided with our 1000th day on the road. It was a picture perfect day and welcome reward (fireworks included!) after our hard work. We made a video about this day, go check it out: https://youtu.be/3kCO6saryo4 The festivities were followed by tons of errands that need to be run and tons of research that need to be conducted.

Week 146: Hunt for Aliens

Week 146. Hunt for aliens. This week started with a visit to Carlsbad Caverns NP that was out of this world beautiful. Next, we reached Roswell and visited UFO research museum where we learned about the crash that happened in 1947 that sparked a lot of controversy. That was a loud crash, because people are still talking about it today! Later, we had a chance to hunt for aliens ourselves by crossing an uninhabited and160 km long desert where the UFO crashed, camping in the open desert included. We might report on our findings next week, but most likely, we’ll just keep silent about them for forever.

Week 145. >+40°C

“It will be much colder day tomorrow! Only +34°C!”. I challenge ya’ll to tell me the last time you used this sentence, because it was a first for us. Back in Argentina, we used to call +30°C “okay weather” and +35°C “too hot to cycle weather”. Due to our marathon of illnesses in Northern Mexico we missed our chance to cross the desert before summer begins. And now we’re here and summer is here and it’s hot. Believe me, +45°C measured in the shade is hot, especially once you realize that there is no shade in the desert! We adjusted our daily schedule in order to survive these temperatures, but it’s still not easy. Good news: we’re almost done with the hot region! Bad news: the region we’re cycling into currently has record breaking high temperatures and wild fires and stuff…