Week 150. Hiding in Colorado

Good news: we have cycled half of the mainland USA! To celebrate this achievement we visited Mesa Verde National Park. We never heard about it before, but it left us speechless. We spent the rest of the week hiding behind blackout curtains and doing nothing at all. Touring full time is a hard job, we work form 5:00 to 23:00 in order to keep everything running smoothly. Cycling is the easiest part, the supporting tasks are the ones that eat up most of our time and energy. There are no weekends, no holidays and often we work overtimes additionally to our 18-hour-workday. The hard work sure pays back in unique, unexpected and quirky ways and couple of days off is a rare, but sometimes needed indulgence. Also, we brought Tulku for her annual vaccination and check up. She got her knees inspected for the first time since her operation in Colombia and turns out that her knees are healthy and patellas are not luxating anymore. Yay!


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