Quiz: First Climb over the Andes

Quiz Friday! Here is Sven and Tulku on our very first pass in the Andes. As you all know, we are climbing the last pass in the Andes this week. It seems we’ve been in the Andes forever. Question: when did we cycle the very first pass?
A: On the very first cycling day of the journey in Tierra del Fuego
B: Chile and Argentina are divided by mountain range, so it must be on the day you crossed to Osorno (Chile) from Bariloche (Argentina)
C: No way the Andes can be 10.000 km long! They might begin somewhere around Bolivia, so that’s where your first pass was.
Write your guess in the comments! The winner will get a personal kilometer as well as a place in our Hall of Fame (http://on.fb.me/1JAdFTC). The quiz ends on Monday (00:00 GMT). The winner will be announced on Tuesday. The winner will be drawn at random from all the correct entries.


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