Lost in Panama City

We got lost in Panama City on our arrival. Terribly, terribly lost. Suddenly, we were standing in the middle of 4 lanes motorway. Sven was screaming at Kira that she nearly killed him. Kira was screaming at Sven that it was his responsibility to find the safe way to the hostel. And then we were standing in the most dangerous district of Panama City, still terribly lost. After many more screams and tears we arrived to the hostel. We were battered. Why did we go to Panama City, anyway? Oh, right – to visit the dentist and fix teeth. We went to the dentist and found out that it would cost our new montly budget to fix them. There is a chance that insurance will not cover it. And once more, off we go to reinvent the wheel and find new solutions for unsolvable situations. Yet another life’s flat tire…


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