We just don’t like Panama.

It’s not a secret: we don’t like Panama City. And yet we’ve been here so long that we accustomed to it. Here is the list of the things we will miss from Panama City:
1. Maria from the 4th dental office. She is the kindest and sweetest person! Sven will miss how she would tell him the exact time before the drilling began, so he could make his escape. Kira will miss her patience answering our endless questions.
2. Andreas and Anne. Two motocyclists: dad and daughter who also were stuck in Panama City. We will miss our evening chats while waiting for AC to start working.
3. Pancakes in the morning. Our accommodation had unlimited pancakes every morning. So we used it generously.
4. Ciclovia on Sundays. That was the first time we used this weekly event to have fun instead of to rush out of a big city. And fun it was!


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