Panama is done!

Good news: we are in Costa Rica! Bad news: Panama charged us 300usd for leaving the country*. Good news: new time zone! Bad news: we will have to wake up at 3:30am instead of our usual 4:30am. Good news: new currency! Bad news: cash mashines are not giving us our cash…

*300usd?! Why, you ask? Glad that you asked! When we entered Panama in Portobelo, the migration office workers put wrong stamps into our passports. We asked about this other migration office workers in Panama City and they couldn’t help us. So naturally, when we were leaving Panama, the migration office workers said: ‘Aha! Wrong stamp! Here is your fine!’ and were deaf to our pleas. Did you already hear, that we don’t like Panama? In case you missed it – we really hate Panama!


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