Quiz: Wall Decorations

Quiz Friday! Last quiz of the year! Here is Kira sitting on the bed in a hotel room. During time we got used to crappy (and thus affordable) hotel rooms: no toilet door, no toilet, no space, sometimes no electricity. Heck, even no shower – just the bucket of rain water. So we stopped paying attention to the tiny details, like unpainted walls. Question: How many hours did it take for Kira to notice that one wall is not painted?
Hint 1: Sven noticed it at the first glance. Hint 2: We stayed there for two days. Write your guess in the comments.
The winner will get a personal kilometer as well as a place in our Hall of Fame (http://on.fb.me/1JAdFTC). The quiz ends on Monday (00:00 GMT). The winner will be announced on Tuesday(ish). The winner will be drawn at random from all the correct entries.
P.S. We miss sleeping in our tent and wish to be back there as soon as security situation will allow it!


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