Week 122: Stove Trouble Again

Week 122. We started cycling again, yay! We made it to the next town, 50 km away, yay! And then the life got in our way again, and we’re stuck in this town now… To be more precise: our trusty Primus cooker broke down and well… No cooker = no food = no cycling, I guess. So while we were figuring out how to solve the cooker situation (Primus Equipment is sending us new parts for free, yay to them!), we are exploring local Mexican cuisine. And there is a lot to explore! So far our experience waries from ‘Oh! SPICY! Give me water!’ to ‘Why on earth did you eat a whole jelapeño?!’ to ‘What is that? Oh, tastes gooooood!’ to ‘Are you sure there are no bugs in this meal?’. Yup, in this corner, Mexicans eat bugs. Also, so far we haven’t seen any buritos or chili con carne for sale anywhere…
P.S. In those rare spare moments when we’re not eating or breaking stuff (and calling it fixing), we went to Izapa maya ruins and found out that this stone in the picture is a 2000 years old compass.


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