Week 132: Mexico City is behind us

Week 132. Mexico City is behind us! There were 3 main ways to deal with Mexico City:
1. Go around on the west side via Toluca, which includes crossing the most dangerous state in Mexico;
2. Go straight through Mexico City, which is a megalopolis with 9 million inhabitants and chaotic city traffic;
3. Go around on the east side via Arco Norte, which is a brand new motorway that is very strict about ‘No cyclists allowed’ rule.
None of the options were favorable for us, so we started digging deeper and at the end we had plans A, B, C, D up to X, Y, Z as well as couple of numbers too. Take these oh-so-many options mix them with things that don’t go as planned every single step and you get… Well, Mexico City is behind us, but please don’t ask us how we got here.


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