Week 136: Sick in the Desert

Week 136. Sick in the desert. People say that when traveling, the highs are very high and the lows are very low. This week was a perfect example of that. On Saturday we have crossed the 15.000 kilometer mark. At the same evening Kira got a cold, which turned very nasty overnight. We were stuck in the middle of the desert (technically still semi-desert) in our tent next to a lone petrol station. Being grounded in the middle of nowhere with a high fever is one of those experiences that we wish to forget as soon as possible. During the day it was +30C with no shade, during the night it was merely +10C. With no chance for a quick recovery we had to find transportation to bring us back to the next town where we could visit the doctor and find some better living arrangements than our tent for next couple of days. Good news: Kira is feeling better. Bad news: now Sven is feeling worse. The best news: Tulku is feeling great.


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