Week 139: Tulku is Sick

Week 139. Tulku is sick. Tulku was diagnosed with anaplasmosis and it is a serious condition. The treatment is very long and slow and takes 3 to 4 weeks. So we are facing a dilemma: to continue traveling and possibly kill Tulku in the process, or to wait it out and possibly don’t reach Alaska before snowfall, and thus forever. While the choice is obvious, it still hurts. The thing is, we caught Tulku’s disease at super early stage, so she never felt bad or weak and prognosis is good. And yet her blood results are dangerously low with a chance of internal bleeding anytime. She’s getting treatment and we all are grounded until her blood results are back to normal. It is expected that her blood will be back to normal in 2 – 3 weeks and we are waiting for a miracle that it would be sooner. Which is much better situation than waiting for a miracle that your dog would survive, we admit that.


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