Update on Tulkus Condition

“How is Tulku doing?” – Tulku was bitten on Saturday by another dog and had a small hole on her back. Nothing to worry about and it’s already healed. Besides that, Tulku is doing great! Still going blind, but nobody ever notices it. She adapted to blindness and her smelling ability became better. Now she finds things (and us) faster than before! Her legs are healed and she can walk as much as she wants. Running and jumping are still forbidden, Tulku is still ignoring that and we are still screaming ‘Tulku NO!’ when she tries to jump. On our voyage though Carribean Sea on the sailing boat Tulku surprised us a lot. We were worried that she will be scared of open water as usual, but our worries were in vain. Tulku happily sat on the deck, sniffed around the boat on her own and even went swimming several times.


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