Excerpt from Ach so schön ist Panama

“Pa-na-ma,” read Little Bear. “This crate comes from Panama, and Panama smells of bananas! Oh, Panama is the land of my dreams!” wrote Janosch in a children book ‘Trip to Panama’*. It is a book from Kira’s chlidhood and her mom used the characters of the book to feed her (‘One more spoon for Little Tiger’). It as a little story about traveling and appreciating what you have. It has one side effect though: it makes you wish to see Panama – the magical land that smells of bananas – with your own eyes. So here were are in Panama, secretly seaching for the Tigerduck under the banana trees.
*’Ach, so schön ist Panama!’ / ‘Panama labai graži’
**Full story in english: http://youtu.be/NW8sUHfQkZs


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