To do lists

Let’s talk about some random things we do. There are some random reoccuring topics we talk about, one of them is space exploration and Mars colonization (yes, very random). It’s a hot topic here in Boundless Biking right now and we are preparing for the sighting of the Soyuz capsule with the astronauts heading to ISS on Wednesday. We will be able to see them on Wednesday and on Thursday from Panama as a tiny dot in the sky at around 5am. The next random thing are ‘To do lists’: we love them, we hate them and we can’t live without them. We have at least 3 different lists everyday to fulfill in order to keep our ‘expedition’ running. So while struggling with our own tasks, we looked at what the astronauts are doing in ISS: We were surprised that some of the tasks were very similiar! ‘Check Activation of GoPro camera’ and ‘Finish drying the first pair of gloves’ – what’s on your to do list for today?


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