Week 102: Panama we hate you

Week 102. Panama, we hate you! Why? Well, there are many reasons. Here is an example of what we’re dealing with on daily basis:
Our dialog with staff of the campsite in the evening:
We: How much is camping per night?
They: 5$ per person per night.
We: Ok, we would like to stay here for 2 nights.
They: Ok.
Our dialog with same staff of same campsite in the morning:
They: Why aren’t you packing your stuff and going? You have to go away now!
We: What? We talked yesterday that we stay here for 2 nights.
They: Yes, you can stay here for second night, but if you want to stay here in the daytime too, then it’s extra 15$ per person. Or get out!
We: What the hell, Panama?


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