Week 141: Extreme Weather

Week 141. Extreme weather. This was supposed to be a weekly update about how much we loved Mexico and how happy we are to enter USA, but destiny had other plans for us. We were cycling a lot this week and it was a hot week, with daytime temperatures averaging at +36C and nighttime temperatures at +30C. We were coping okay, until yesterday. Yesterday we were sleeping in the middle of the desert, when the Mother of all Thunderstorms had struck. The thunderstorm was fierce, but far away. It was moving from West to East right in front of us. There were four houses next to the crossroad in the desert. We pitched our tent behind one of them and joined the locals in storm watching. It was amazing: multiple lightnings striking non-stop so hard, that the sky was constantly bright. You could read a book, if you wished. Instead, we were mesmerized by the power of nature. It was quite far, and we couldn’t hear any thunder. At one point, the storm got a bit closer to us, and the wind started howling. We had to evacuate our tent in the middle of the night. Luckily, the home-owner offered his kitchen for us to stay. It was dark, the electricity was out and we were running back and forth in the wind, carrying our stuff to the house with the lightnings in the background. Our tent has survived a lot of strong winds, Patagonian included, but this was too much. The storm has passed without hitting us directly and after 6 hours the desert was calm again. And yet only next morning we realized the true severity of the storm. We woke up, sat on our bikes and started cycling. At first, we noticed that road signs were ripped out. Later, we saw that the desert was flooded. Cacti standing half in the water, grass completely submerged. And then we reached the town. At first it looked okay, but then we noticed huge road signs lying on the street, street lamps bended left and right, church towers broken off, roofs with huge holes, businesses without signs… It was surreal. We checked the weather forecast and there are active warnings for the next two days. Another major storm is expected as well as tornadoes, which are unusual in Mexico, but not impossible. We decided to wait out this extreme weather here in town. If you know a reliable online weather service, please let us know!


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