Week 142: Welcome to the USA

Week 142. Tornadoes, surgeries and the end of Latin America! This week we finished cycling Mexico and entered USA. Mexico was huge, colorful and very diverse. Food was awesome, people were kind and nature was spectacular – we loved this country. Our last days in Mexico were intense: thunderstorms, tornado warnings and headwinds. We crossed the bridge into USA on Sunday. It was a big milestone and we felt on top of the world. The next day reality brought us back on the ground: our bank froze our cards due to ‘suspicious activity’ (using ATM in Honduras is perfectly normal, but doing the same in USA is suspicious? Seriously?!) and Kira got a terrible toothache. Timing could not be worse! We sorted out the bank pretty easily, but fixing the painful tooth was more complicated. Everything was closed due to Memorial Day and Eagle Pass doesn’t even have needed root canal specialist, not mentioning the price of the procedure. We listed our options and did what any other person living in Eagle Pass would do: Kira went back to Mexico and had her tooth fixed there. Turns out, the grass is not always greener on the other side…


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